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With ABC’s recent foray into interactive television, it begs the question: where is this all going?

TV has long been the opiate of the masses. It’s always been a passive activity where we, the viewers, could check out for a bit and simply watch. It’s why we call it the Boob Tube and our relationship to it “veggin’ out.” So what if we’re asked to actually DO something with our TVs?

The possibilities are endless and loads of fun to ponder: social tagging and sharing of video clips; user generated contributions; cataloging and indexing of video events. Think of how much data is out there in the 60+ years of continuous broadcast and then think of what you could do if that data was searchable. It’s TiVo on steroids. Yeah…

But will we? Are there moments where we really, truly don’t want to interact we simply want to chill? As this digital generation ages I guess we’ll find out whether downtime will go the way of the Vic 20, but in the meantime I can’t wait to ponder the possibilities of finding every TV utterance of the phrase “that’s what she said.”

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  1. tbennett017 September 17, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    I wonder more what it will do to the creative medium itself. Will longer form narrative disappear as we append our own sound bytes together? Will something like the Sopranos be possible if we can rip/mix/burn? On the other hand, what new directing/storytelling giant will emerge from the suburbs with her own new form of storytelling, made up of endless variations of “That’s what she said!!” ?

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