Content Optimized: SOLD.

I love this for about a hundred reasons. Word Lens is a brand new App, with a very compelling value prop… but the real reason I fell for it immediately is the demo. Take a look- I want you to experience the discovery for yourself:

Okay, so why am I so into this? First of course, augmented reality is coming, and this is a fantastic early implementation that meets a need, right now. About a year ago, I worked on a huge pitch to a high-tech company who was selling a “reader”  device with similar features, but here it is right on my mobile- now.

But the real reason is the demo. It is a beautiful example of content optimization for the Web. The features and benefits are self-evident, without any unnecessary  language. This dog does tricks, without bullet points or disclaimers (are you listening Microsoft and Intel?) It came to me via Twitter (Thanks @semaphoria) and I bought it within 5 minutes.  For me, a perfect example of Socially Optimized Content leading to revenue.

So okay, funny story though. I suspect this tool works better on printed text. I tried to be all romantic with the demo last night, and it didn’t do as well from the screen. I shot this….

and got this…
—Maybe I need to read the instructions.

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  1. Derek Phillips December 17, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Wait, is that not what you meant to say to Judy?

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