GEICO goes full Meta

Here at Metastential, we were giggling like schoolboys (that we are) as we dug into Xtranormal, the tool that lets you create talking head videos from text and a few gestures. (more on that in a bit)

But we feel totally scooped by those scamps over at GEICO. They’ve managed to make a commercial using Xtranormal, about car insurance. Is this lazy? Is this them plucking the delicate strings of Meta to create an artful commentary? Or is Xtranormal about to go mainstream? If only they’d perfect the Alec Baldwin voice…

Xtranormal fascinates us as it allows people to re-cast conversations in different molds. A chat can become theater though the use of a few gestures and some character assignment. Its an interesting phenomenon seeing your words awkwardly articulated by a robot.

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  1. sweetcroft November 9, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

    Love Xtranormal, but feel Geico’s turn on the DIY animation site does way more to promote the service than their own “save money in 15 minutes.” ‘Cause now I wager most folks are gonna play around making their own spots/cartoons/superhero soap operas and certainly won’t remember to call that little lizard and his insurance-y friends.

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