Lower Boom and Matt Schulte Cope with Post Truth: Storytelling and Disruption

LowerBoomLower Boom is a launchpad and laboratory for storytellers. Matt Shulte, founder and CEO wants to facilitate storytelling in our new media environment, taking account the large changes in technology, financial and output models. During the podcast we discuss how things have changed. What would a forward thinking film or media studio look like given the present conditions in film production (business models, technology, output channels)?  What would Roger Corman do today in terms of film production?  What would it take to re-create the same kind of distribution surety/confidence in this market?

Matt’s latest obsession is timely: Post-Truth. Matt uses the Oxford English Dictionary definition of post-truth (Emotion around something is more important than the actual fact) In fact it’s spawned a whole new dialog about our perception and place in society.

In partnership with Open Signal (Portland Community Media) Matt has sourced 5 $1K stipends that will help create films for a November screening, around the concept of post-truth.

Lower Boom projects underway:

Post Truth Project with Open Signal (Portland Community Media) Media for Social Change

How to see Lower Boom content at the Hotel Eastlund

VR and film makers’ opportunities in this new platform – get in touch with Matt

More about post-truth in The Economist


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