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Wild Harvest Organics

SUPERVALU has launched a new line of organic products and we are the lead digital agency of record. This is the second phase of the launch and will serve as the online HQ for Wild Harvest. We did extensive work researching and developing personas that informed all the work in the site. Our main persona is a 32 year old working mother named Jen Reid who is interested in reducing the number of trips she makes to grocery stores and in providing her family with healthy, affordable food. She’s interested in organic foods but is confused by the terminology and sometimes intimidated by some of the better known natural and organic stores in her neighborhood. She’s a life-long Albertsons shopper and trusts the products she finds there.

We’re providing quarterly stories with menu solutions and recipes as well as monthly additions of products as they roll out.

An extensive banner ad campaign is launching mid-April to be followed by some possible new media ventures in late Spring.

I led the content strategy on the project and continue to manage updates and the creation of new content for the site post-launch. Credits: Art Direction, Jaymie Senga; Sr. Designer, Jeremy Hlinak; Copy, Scott Serrilla

To: You, From Albertsons

It’s the old story those of us in marketing know so well: Take the fantastic idea you started off with and make it work on a fraction of the budget we initially discussed. It’s cool, priorities change, budgets get re-allocated. We make it work.

Enter: Fresh Ideas 5 – Holiday Style!

The goal was to incorporate merchandising and marketing initiatives into our already existing story template. What started out as a cross-channel, integrated campaign was refined to a weekly content offering with recipes, menu solutions, and coupons–all driving to in-store sales. This is the first story to implement video as well and we worked with local producers AnswersMedia to fill out our stories with great technique videos that are embedded in the Flash file, thus requiring no linking to a third party nor any additional implementation for the client. Everyone’s happy!

Credits: Initial gift concept was mine. Art Direction by Jaymie Senga; Copy by Scott Serrilla; Design by Jeremy Hilnak; Aftereffects by Dylan Burr.

All About Pumpkins
The October story launched to great success. The client loved it and we garnered some local news exposure in a few markets as a resource for great Halloween ideas. Metrics on the stories are still being gathered, but early indications show great increases in traffic. The holiday support should be EXTRA interesting.


Selection ’07

Selection ’07 is live. What started as an off-hand remark in brainstorming is now a blown out national campaign.
In April of 2007 our creative team was tasked with extending our client’s television campaign. After a few days of brainstorming, the assignment changed to create an entirely unique online campaign. Since the country was in the thick of a presidential primary season, politics was on my mind.

“Why not run produce as candidates?” I asked. The creative team took that and ran with it. Truth be told, the creative has far blown away my initial idea. Each character has a personality and the copywriting is outstanding.
*NOTE: I am also the voice of Steak.

Expanding the viral reach of the campaign, we employed a Google gadget that delivered “news” stories, recipes, and other campaign information.

Fresh Ideas
The launch of our Fresh Ideas feature focused on backyard party ideas.

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