Some of My Projects

A bit about my side work:
GLONO – I am co-founder of Glorious Noise, an online music and culture magazine. Launched in 2001, GLONO now attracts around 100,000 unique readers a month and has been mentioned in The NME, Rolling Stone, Wired, LA Times, and many many more “mainstream” media outlets.

Political Junkies – I also run POLJUNK, which is the National Affairs Desk of Glorious Noise. Though the site is attracting a smaller audience, it’s a dedicated and vocal one. Topics center on politics and current events and usually evolve into some heated, but civil, debates.

Editorial Work – For the past eight years, my wife and I have edited a line of preofessional advice books for McGraw-Hill. Topics range from how to write a great resume to unusual jobs in unique fields.

I edited a series of one-sheets for a legal publisher in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, which required I understand massive legal textbooks and boil the information down to a two-page sell-sheet for distributors and salespeople to use a a leave behind for clients. I think I am close to achieving my parents’ dream of being a lawyer–without those pesky law school student loans!

I have also written articles for a variety of now-defunct websites that are too embarassing to mention now.

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