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People Recommending Derek Phillips
I’ve been lucky enough to receive some ringing endorsements from former bosses and colleagues. Here are a few:

“Derek embodies what a content analyst should be and then some. His top notch research skills compliment his in-depth writing and stand out creative ability. His talents are sought after from within different groups in the agency quite frequently.” December 6, 2007, Michael Rezac, Creative Director, Critical Mass

“Derek is a sharp, witty, and eloquent colleague. His ideas are innovative, and his mind keen to ensure we deliver engaging content to customers. He keeps the team laughing, while always offering insightful commentary. I thoroughly enjoy working with him.” December 8, 2007,
Shaina Boone, Senior Analyst, Critical Mass

“I have had the pleasure of working with Derek on numerous projects in the past year. He has a wonderful balance of industry trends and research to find optimal content solutions for the client, many of which have helped to push them in new directions to great results.” December 7, 2007, Greg Arvanitakis, Art Director, Critical Mass

“I worked with Derek during my time as a Web Designer at National PTA. He’s a smart and creative guy, extremely reliable, detail-oriented, and gets things done in an efficient and timely manner. Additionally he’s pleasant and diplomatic, gets along with all levels of people. I’d love to work with him again and can highly recommend.” December 7, 2007, Melissa Durso, Webmaster, FMC Technologiesworked directly with Derek at National PTA

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