Yes Men are seriously Meta.

How is that new job in  Corporate Communications coming lately? Big budgets? Huge influence? Big lunches? Oh really? Not that great huh? What’s that? Pranks? Who? Can’t seem to get that message out through the mess? Huh… what was that you were saying?

Consider this post on The Good Blog. The Yes Men have jumped into the fray with their own versions of corporate communications. It smells corporate, it feels vetted by the pinstripes, but what is it that these guys are saying? If I read it, it feels vaguely…. disturbing. Isn’t this Chevron? But who really gets to influence a foreign government? Would they really state a spill in billions of gallons on purpose?  Where’s the smell of feel-good CYA? The Yes Men bring a brand of culture jamming that reminds me of a very old swordy-swashbuckly movie. You know the one… the dark black and white print… and here’s the obligatory scene with a good guy and a bad guy hacking at each other on a staircase. The image is just bad enough that it’s hard to follow who’s who, and for a moment there you’re not sure who’s winning, and who you ought to be rooting for. YAY.. oh. I mean BOOOO!

God bless the Yes Men. No corporate shills here, these guys are jumping into this particular swordfight, causing us to actually read the content, and think about it. They’re actually challenging us to think, and it is frankly a little uncomfortable. Who holds the “upper hand” here? Yay? Boo?

At Metastential, we like what this brand of culture jamming does for the art of irony.  Dissent can come in brute force, throwing shoes, going on strike, herding pigs through the streets of the capitol… but like the fools on the staircase, maybe we don’t have to know who’s who… but what is this debate about anyway? Someone is going swoop off on a carefully draped rope to win the girl, but we’re all watching a little more closely now.

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  1. Derek Phillips October 19, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    Regardless of the message or the political intentions, I love pranks like this.

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