Urban Fresh Launches

Urban Fresh

Once again, we had a super tight turnaround and media to support so we had to act fast. Urban Fresh is a new store in the Chicago area–a test for Jewel-Osco and an interesting case study in targeting a very specific demographic. As such, we actually had some room to explore new ways to reach this audience of hip, very connected, very community-focused shoppers. The answer? Speak their language.

The consumer insights told us that these are on-the-go shoppers who value quality with their convenience. A simple 7-11 format won’t do and they don’t have the time to browse aisle after aisle of premium foods. They have some essentials they need to get quick and they also have an interest in expanding their knowledge of good foods and wines. They buy craft beers and micros. They go to as many dinner parties as house parties. They have a budding interest in wine. They also blog (and micro blog) and rely on word of mouth and each other for information.

So we started a blog. The store itself will blog about their lunch specials and wine tastings and events. We’ll feature employee posts and really make the connection that the people who work here–the people who make up Urban Fresh–are your neighbors and friends. This store knows what you need because the people who work there have the same lifestyle and interests.

Much more to come, but the site launched on time and under budget. Happy client=happy boss=happy me.


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